Card review #5!!

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Card review #5!!

Post  thefullmetalheart on Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:17 pm


Todays review is going to be about....


First of its a basic sp pokemon. It has 100 hp and a x2 weakness to colorless which is bad due to garchomp c lv x. He has a resitence of -20 fighting which can be good against machamp and donphan. 3 retreat is horrible but most luxchomps wont bright look this cause it can do heavy damage to garchomp c. Now onto the attacks!!

Mach Blow: does 20 damage but if the defending pokemon is a sp then it's base damage is 80!
Pros: Extreme damage!
cons: 3 colorless
strat: put on a energy gain then a double colorless and you can one shot garchomp c lvx!

giant tail: does 100 damage for 4 colorless energy then you flip a coin, if tails the attack does nothing.
Pros: heavy damage
Cons: will miss quite a bit
Strat: use if you are in a quick need of heavy damage, dont use anywhere else

Pros: It can one shot garchomp c lv x and other sp pokemon and weaker pokemon
Cons: it can be one shot by garchomp c lv x and has heavy retreat
Strat: Use the first attack only to counter garchomp c lv x
over all rating: 7.5 out of 10


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