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Trading Rules

Post  Jamiemoviemaker on Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:00 am

0. Our Trading Rules will always beat your rules.

Pretty simple, you can't do something that we don't allow (Even if you don't agree with it, it's not your forum after all). If you are unsure if something is allowed (After reading this) then please feel free to post your question on the Official Q&A Thread.

1. A Moderator's word is law.

A Moderator's duty is not only to uphold the rules and standards of the forums, but to also ensure the safety and well being of all it's users. So when a Moderator tells you something, rest assured it's for the good of everybody.

2. Reading "A Beginner's Guide to Trading" is an absolute must for those wanting to trade.

This thread offers you anything you would ever need to know about starting to trade on these forums. If you wish to be safe and successful while trading, this is your one-way ticket.

3. You are only allowed 1 trading thread per week (7 days).

This rule only applies for threads on the same forum (So posting 2 threads in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading forum is not allowed). You are able to have multiple active threads on different forums at the same time (So having 1 thread on the Pokemon Trading forum, Naruto trading forum and Yu-Gi-Oh forum at the same time is allowed), just as long as you don't make new ones on the same forum within a 7 day time frame. Also note, the European Yu-Gi-Oh and North American Yu-Gi-Oh forums count as one so you are only allow to have one trading thread for the both of them (Where it is located is up to you).

4. All trading threads must follow minimum standards before being posted.

A. A set of rules - These include where you ship to, who you ship to, and any other things that you want all traders on your list to know (Like "I will not trade to a person who has a negative ref"). Just make sure that your rules do not break any of the forum rules.

B. Haves - These are items that you and only you own, and have on you. So this means that you can't trade a friend's/teammate's items, nor can you trade items that are not yours yet ("Pending Items"). Though you don't need to put everything you own, you need to have at least 10 items for trade.

C. Wants - Pretty self-explanatory, put down things that you want. You don't need to put ever single thing, but put enough so that people can get a general idea (Again, 10 minimum). You can NOT have "Money Only" wants (Or having money as a want while the other ones are too expensive or worth nothing at all), either way if selling is your primary goal your thread will get closed (Trading is the main focus).

5. The Ref Rule ALWAYS applies.

The "Ref Rule" states that the person with the lowest iTrader (As seen under your total amount of posts) while confirming the trade (Exchanging Addresses) has to send first. Unless there is a ref left by a Moderator stating otherwise, the person with the lowest refs will send first. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET AROUND THIS (Meaning to CAN NOT make another trader send first when you are to). Always make sure to check all of a user's refs before confirming a trade. Lastly, ONLY refs acquired through Pojo will count toward trades on Pojo.

6. If an item is not mint, it's condition must be provided to the other trader.

This means you can not have stuff like "If you don't ask, you don't care" posted. Not informing the other trader about your items is deceitful and lazy. If you intentionally do this, the other trader has full right to give you a negative ref.

7. A person has only up to 7 business days to send out after confirmation/receiving.

When a trade is confirmed (With the exchanging of addresses) or a person receives a package, the user sending out then has up to 7 business days to send out their end. Not sending within those 7 business days can officially result in the trader receiving a neutral ref for "Slow Shipping". If the trader takes over 14 business days to send, then they can be officially given a negative ref for "Slow Shipping".

If there is to be a delay in the package shipping then it is the duty of the trader to inform their partner of this PRIOR TO CONFIRMING THE TRADE. If there is to be a delay in shipping after the trade is confirmed (Due to emergency, Acts of God, Etc.), then they are to inform there trading partner A.S.A.P. (If it's legitimate, then the delay will be excusable).

Regardless on how long the package takes to get from point A to point B, as long as they have sent within that time frame they are safe from receiving a bad ref due to slow shipping (Whether that be a Neutral or Negative). The only exception to this is if they had to re-send due to insufficient postage (If that is the case, then you are free to provide the appropriate ref).

If you wish to prove when you sent out, KEEP THE RECEIPT AND SAVE YOUR PM'S. This replaces what people often refer to as "The 30 Day Rule".

8. The person sending is responsible for their end reaching the other trader.

If a package is damaged during shipping and it was preventable, then the person shipping can be held responsible. To prevent damage from happening use Toploaders, Bubble Mailers and/or Cushioning on all your packages.

9. For a trade to be reffable they must adhere to our criteria.

A) All trade negotiations and confirmation must have been done on the Pojo Forums either through posts on threads or the PM system (Arrangements over Instant Message providers will not be acceptable, nor will other forms of communication).

B) Both users have sent their items through the mail (So Paypal would not constitute a ref nor is doing a trade in person).

C) Both users cannot be close friends or family relatives who see each other on a regular basis

D) Both users must live a substantial distance apart (Being a few blocks away doesn't count).

E) Both users must have sent something of value in the trade (So a common for a common will not be valid for a reference, nor is giving a stamp for a card).

Obtaining a reference while not fully adhering to this criteria will result in A REF SCAMMING PUNISHMENT!!!

10. Never post a person's personal information.

Since we are a public board, we are required by law not to disclose any person's personal information at any time (Including your own). Such things include: Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address.

The only acceptations to this rule is when you are confirming a trade (Which is done over the PM system with the other user) or when if MODERATOR requests it (Which is also done over the PM system).


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