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Cards For Trade ------thecheezykiwi

Post  thecheezykiwi on Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:41 pm

Sorry to Jamiemoviemaker and BoFoSho i did not know there were restrictions like that as i did not read much of the Trading rules Embarassed Embarassed

1.Often I will Send First Very Happy
2.No scamming or ill reprt you to a moderator Mad
3.Cards must at least be in Great to Mint conidion Exclamation

Cards for trade:
Meganium Prime- HGSS
Yanmega Prime-HS Triumphant
Blissey Prime-HGSS
Celebi Prime-HS Triumphant
Giratina Lv.X-Tin Promo
Tangrowth LV.X- Platinum Arceus
Jumpluff Holo-HGSS
Aggron Holo-HS Triumphant
Twins-HS Triumphant
Seeker-HS Triumphant
Prof.Elms Training method Reverse and Normal-HGSS
Darkrai Holo-Majestic Dawn
Arceus Fire-Platinum Arceus
Mysterious Fossil 1st ed-Fossil
1st Ed Pikachu-Jungle
PokeTour 1999 Promo Pikachu-Base set

My Wants
-Any Unopened Booster Packs
-Shining cards
-Light cards
-Star cards
-Delta Species
Delta species Holos/Normal Holos

Arrow Pm or Comment below with what you want and we will work out a trade Smile


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